Party Wall Surveys & Services In Bellshill

November 13, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Bellshill

Party Wall Solutions' solution to the Party Wall etc. Act of 1996 is unique, contemporary, and effective.
We take a solution-focused approach to all party wall difficulties and can offer advice on all construction projects, including expansions, loft conversions, and new commercial or residential builds.

Party Wall Solutions Bellshill

Party Wall Solutions have a number of experienced surveyors ready to help

We Will:

  • Determine whether your project is subject to the Act's obligations.
  • Utilize technology and effective procedures to ensure compliance with the Act and reduce project delays.
  • Offer clear direction and a flat fee for ensuring your compliance with the provisions of the Act.

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The Party Wall Act

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 was created in the United Kingdom to assist in preventing, minimising, and resolving conflicts between neighbours regarding shared walls. This law must be evaluated with conventional planning approval processes where applicable. Before building any alterations, additions, or replacements to an existing structure, one must consider the applicable party wall laws. The alternative could result in lengthy (and expensive) judicial processes.

When a Party Wall Dispute develops, both parties are required to retain independent surveyors to evaluate the legal use of the party wall. If you and your neighbour cannot agree on a single expert to settle the party wall dispute, you can employ two surveyors instead.

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