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October 8, 2020

Party Wall Solutions Banstead

Here at Party Wall Solutions Banstead Surveyors, we aim to offer the best advice and service in order to obtain the most effective result for all parties; our objective is to ensure that, should a conflict arise, all parties fully benefit from the Act and understand the various available options; we tailor the needs of all parties in order to propose the most suitable and cost-effective outcome in order to obtain agreement.

The Party Wall Act includes two phases:

The Party Wall Act includes two phases:

 The Notification Stage and the Disputed Stage (if any of those is reached).

During Phase 1, you are obligated by law to notify the neighbouring property owner of the proposed development. If you are certain that your planned renovations will neither irritate or endanger the Adjoining Owner, the Party Wall Act procedure may be concluded after the Adjoining Owner confirms in writing that they agree to the works.

If the Neighbouring Owner expressed objections to the Notifiable Boundary Walls Works or decided to disregard the Notice(s) you issued against them, the dispute would go to Stage 2. The Party Wall Act's settlement provisions would allow you to finish the project while protecting all parties. If a "conflict" exists, you and the owner of the next property will need to employ a party wall surveyor to address the matter.

Party Walls Solutions Banstead can assist you through the entire Party Wall process.

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