Party Wall Surveys & Services In Ashtead

June 25, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Ashtead

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Party Wall Solutions Ashtead provides experienced and efficient party wall surveying services to building owners and adjacent property owners around the area. Our expertise and understanding of the Party Wall Act enable us to make well-informed and prompt decisions, resulting in a procedure that is efficient, safe, and to the satisfaction of all parties.

Party Wall Solutions can help

Our surveying services for party walls include:

  • Notifying all parties of their duties.
  • Creating and delivering pertinent Notices
  • Observing predetermined circumstances
  • Organizing party wall notices
  • Informing adjacent owners upon receipt of a Notice
  • Understanding the process and terminology


Are you constructing an addition or new structure within six metres of your neighbour’s home? Then you may require a party wall award. Party Wall Solutions can provide assistance with this.


Is your neighbour engaged on construction or have you received a party wall notice? We can assist you in comprehending its significance and elucidating the necessary steps.

We cover Ashtead and the surrounding areas, so if you have any questions, please contact us. Please fill out the contact form on our Contact page or phone us at 03300100075.

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