Party Wall Surveys & Services In Alfreton

March 22, 2021

Party Wall Solutions Alfreton

If you're searching for a Party Wall Surveyor in Alfreton, Party Wall Solutions offers expert help and expertise. As specialised Party Wall surveyors, we adhere to the 1996 Party Wall etc. Act standards. This Act protects the rights of persons performing certain types of construction work and their adjacent property owners. The Party Wall Act protects both the building owner doing the work and the neighbouring owner's rights in the case of harm by ensuring lawful application.

Expert Surveyor for Party Wall Solutions

Any building owner who wishes to do work covered by the Party Wall Act must adhere to the prescribed procedure. There is an established procedure with major practical benefits for all parties involved.

We provide Party Wall Guidance for individual or joint applications in a time- and cost-efficient manner that is entirely compliant with the Party Wall Act. Call us at 03300100075.

Our Party Wall Solutions Alfreton

At Alfreton, we prepare a fair and unbiased Party Wall Agreement that incorporates the following provisions:

  • The legality of executing the Party Wall
    • The timing and manner of Party Wall construction
      • Protection of the adjacent structure during and after construction
        • Coverage of frequent issues that could arise

          In typical situations, the Party Wall surveyors would also write a report called a "schedule of condition" of the neighbouring property prior to the commencement of construction to safeguard both parties' interests in the event of a later claim for damages.

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