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November 7, 2020
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Party Wall Agreement - Party Wall Solutions Aberystwyth

The Party Wall Act 1996 establishes a system for preventing and resolving disputes relating to building work carried out by individuals and/or businesses (defined as the Building Owner).

To activate the Party Wall etc. Act, alterations must be made to the following:

  • party wall
  • Walls of party fence
  • excavation work within three to six metres of an adjacent structure or
  • The construction of structures along or atop the boundary.

What is a Party Wall?

When a boundary or floor divides two separate buildings, whether they are detached or terraced houses, flats, or commercial properties such as offices or shops owned by different parties, then these are considered party walls or structures.

However, only the portion utilised by both properties is regarded to be subject to the Party Wall etc. Act of 1996. The remainder is the property of the landowner.

Before beginning any construction work, such as structural adjustments, additions, or interior renovations, you must seek the consent of your neighbours.

In certain instances, formal consent is required for the excavation and construction of a new building's foundation within 3 or 6 metres of neighbouring properties. Notification is also required for the excavation and erection of a wall along your property line.

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Do I need a Party Wall Surveyor?

Party wall surveyors, such as Party Wall Solutions Aberystwyth, provide professional guidance to property owners concerned by party wall concerns. They may advise on the necessity for party wall notices, how to react to notices, and how party wall agreements or awards can be implemented.
A party wall is one of the following types:

  • A wall that straddles the boundary line between two properties, even if it was not constructed against or as part of the neighbor's structure;
  • A wall that divides two buildings and is an integral part of both;
  • That portion of a building's flank wall that has been enclosed, even if the enclosure was added after the building was constructed;
  • The boundary is spanned by a garden wall, but not a fence.

What Is A Party Wall Notice And Award

A party wall notice serves as formal verification of your initial plan to your neighbour. You can compose these notices yourselves, and you can get templates for party wall notices on the government website. Alternately, the majority of individuals ask their party wall surveyor to create and deliver the notices because it is imperative that they are accurate.

After receiving the notices, a neighbour may consent to the work or request that an agreement be drafted. It is called a party wall award. This document can only be drafted by a party wall surveyor, as the Party Wall Act precludes both parties from acting on their own behalf.

Typically, a party wall award specifies the work to be performed, how it is to be performed, and the obligations of the individual performing the job. This typically deals to how any harm or loss to a neighbour's property resulting from the construction can be addressed.

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If you intend to perform any of the following sorts of work, you must notify your neighbours in writing:

  • At least two months must pass prior to beginning work on a party wall.
  • About one month for "junction line" or excavation works

If the bordering property is leased or tenant-occupied, you must give notice on:

  • The landlord and all occupants of the property 

Where there are many adjoining property owners or multiple adjoining properties, you must serve notice on:

  • all owners and tenants In the event of flats and the like, this also applies to the owners and occupants above and below your property.

We can draught standard notices for you to serve on your neighbour that contain all of the required information outlined in the statute. We may also advise you on any extra material, such as drawings, that may be required to accompany the notification.

Why Should You Choose Party Wall Solutions Aberystwyth As Your Party Wall Surveyors?

Party Wall Solutions Aberystwyth specialises in delivering party wall notices, negotiating awards, and settling disputes. We have a team committed to assisting you with party wall-related questions. We're frequently asked what we do, so please contact us for more advice and information.

What will happen if my neighbour does not agree to the work?

 Two primary forms of notification responses covered by the Act.

Neighbour agrees

Where your neighbour (Neighbouring Owner) agrees to the work and signs and returns the acknowledgment. You are then free to begin the work within a reasonable timeframe, but you are still responsible for any property damage.

In this scenario, we would strongly advise you to draught a Schedule of Condition for the neighbouring property in order to protect yourself from any contested claims.

Neighbour disagrees

If your neighbour does not consent to the work or has worries about legal rights, etc., the Act allows both parties to either:

Each party should appoint an unbiased surveyor or jointly designate an impartial surveyor known as the "agreed surveyor."

The surveyor or surveyors are then responsible for creating a document known as a "Award." This describes the work to be performed, when and how it will be performed, as well as the condition of the adjacent property prior to construction.

Who pays the Party Wall Surveyor's fees?

In almost all circumstances, the individual undertaking the construction is responsible for the surveyor's fees, but the surveyor will evaluate and include this information in the Party Wall Award.

In the event that the costs are not paid, the Award may be enforced in either the Magistrates or County Court. The only risk is that if the individual performing the work becomes insolvent and fails to pay the expenses, the surveyor may attempt to recover them from the client.

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